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Health Data Explorer

Blockchain enabled data sharing and fihr viewer software

Designed with information hierarchy as the top focus. HDE enables morticians to quickly view relevant data for death investigations. After conducting SME interviews I settled on this design that keeps all information neatly organized into sections that are quickly skimmable.


Secure file and data sharing

While working with Acoer, I conducted all UX and UI design for Hashload. Based on SME interviews I designed a simple and clean interface for file upload and transfer. I designed hashload to focus on one page and minimize clicks.

As part of of a recent contract, Hashload will be backbone for a new software going to NASA’s International Space Station!


Blockchain Based Flight tracker

Acoer’s latest proof of concept, a blockchain based flight tracker. Designed to feel familiar to users, the design implements flight tracking API variables into a nicely organized interface that presents the history at a glance and allows the user to quickly verify the data’s authenticity